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Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener Review - How Does It Work?

Fleck 5600 softener is one in all the foremost common Fleck units. It’s designed with the capability of forty eight,000 grains and may treat flow rates with up to twelve GPM. this is often an ideal choice for homes with water that has medium to high hardness level. The capability is additionally appropriate for homes with 3-6 individuals.

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The Fleck 5600 softener comes with an electronic controller on a backlit LCD display. exploitation the touchpad controls, you'll be able to simply program the softener.

For water softening it uses the quality activity process, throughout that the atomic number 20 and metallic element ions, that are thought of the laborious ions, are faraway from the water.

The regeneration method of Fleck 5600 SXT is meter based mostly, thus it regenerates only if it must, measurement your water use.

Water Softener Installation and Parts

The brine tank of this unit that encompasses a sq. style, will foot-dragging to 250 pounds of pelleted salt (if you like a additional eco-friendly choice, you'll be able to use Kaochlor pellets, although talk over with the manufacturer). The unit conjointly options a security float ANd an overflow drain for overfilling bar.

Fleck 5600 SXT includes 2 separate warranties: 5 years on the top and ten years for the tank. Fleck 5600 sxt reviews have largely smart feedback of the unit, mentioning its potency and therefore the results it makes to the water in their house.

The Fleck complete is receiving largely positive comments from users. The users mention that the system is straightforward to use yet on program. several have given regeneration on its potency and they’re pleased with the water softening results of the Fleck units. The long guarantee is additionally a giant and. Fleck has created an inexpensive and sensible answer to managing water hardness. If you’re trying to find the simplest softener, Fleck systems are undoubtedly price thought. we tend to hope that our Fleck softener reviews are useful to you. If you'd prefer to check additional Fleck water softeners reviews, you'll be able to jump to Amazon, that conjointly has the simplest worth for it.

It applies AN activity process that conjointly extends the longevity of your water exploitation appliances and plumbing.

With adequate pressure (20 to one hundred twenty five psi), you'll be able to expect a rate of regarding twelve gallons per minute (28 gpm at peak), enough for a full house with multiple loos.

It’s a metered on demand device, which means that the system measures your water usage and runs regeneration cycles pro re nata (or programmed) exploitation no additional salt than necessary.

The result: Salt and water wastage is reduced, whereas you ne'er run out of softened water. Is there a stronger thanks to save money?

The digital head provides you full management over all settings and permits for a fast & straightforward setup. What’s additional, the LCD display shows the present system standing and doable error codes that makes troubleshooting a great deal easier.

During regeneration, a security float and overflow drain within the brine tank stop overfilling for simple mind.